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Why healthy?

Every part of your firm is connected.

It starts with a healthy foundation—a clear path to what you want your business to look like and how you will get there. 

With a solid foundation, you can grow and serve healthy clients. 

After completing Lab, you'll check the following:

  • 💡Healthy Strategy
    • Core values
    • Vision
    • Business model
    • 3-Year goals and strategy
  • 👥 Healthy Team
    • Accountability chart
    • Hiring & management systems
    • Market rate salaries 
    • Hiring the right people for the right seats
    • Tracking employee satisfaction 
  • 💪 Healthy Clients
    • Ideal client profile
    • Strategic marketing plan
    • Website audit
    • Client experience plan
  • 💰Healthy Profits
    • Financial strategy
    • Consistent revenue growth 
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • 📈 Healthy Systems
    • Data security threat assessment
    • Tech stack audit
    • Procedures manual
  • ☀️ Healthy Owner
    • Business aligned with personal goals
    • Reasonable hours worked
    • Owner's compensation
  • 🏗️ Healthy Firm
    • Excelling in all areas on the Small Firm Scorecard 

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How does it work?

You need two things for your business to succeed:

  • Strategy—what are you building?
  • Alignment—what's the plan to get you there?

Lab offers you a variety of tools and resources to find your winning combination of strategy and alignment. 

📚 Content

You'll start with a plan. We'll guide you through the process of creating a business strategy so you know exactly which parts of your business need your focus.

With your plan in hand, you'll access our members-only website containing over 100 modules to help you learn and implement our proven strategies for building a healthier firm.

📣 Coaching

You might need help along the way. Our coaches will be there to give you guidance, support, and yes, at times, a good 'ole fashion kick in the rear. 

Depending on the level you join, you'll access our coaches by either: 

  • Group coaching calls and workshops, or
  • 1:1 accountability coaching with a dedicated coach, or
  • Subject-matter coaching with an expert focused on a specific part of your business. Our coaches specialize in business strategy, marketing, finance, legal technology, human resources, outsourcing, remote workplaces, business systems, and operations. 

🙌 Community

Your business benefits when you connect with forward-thinking business owners who share their problems, wins, and frustrations. In Lab, you'll connect, learn, be inspired, and confide in other members in lots of ways, including: 

  • A private member forum
  • Study groups (3-week sprints to get things done)
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Virtual quarterly planning retreats
  • Our annual in-person conference, LabCon

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💸 Pricing & Terms

Once invited to join, you'll select the price point based on where you are in your business journey: 

  • ⭐ Platinum is for firms who've likely reached at least $250K/year in revenue and are focused on scaling their business.
    • At $849/month, Platinum includes everything described for our Gold level plus a virtual quarterly planning retreat for your team, a dedicated 1:1 accountability coach, weekly coaching, workshops, and study groups with our subject-matter experts.

  • 🔆 Gold is for firms starting or working to reach $250k/year in revenue. Gold is our self-directed program.
    • At $349/month, Gold includes a quarterly 1:1 roadmap coaching session to map your priorities and work, access to the online course portal and management materials, a monthly group coaching call for help, and a 50% discount on your LabCon registration fee.

  • 🔑 Have a partner or key team member who would also benefit? They can join for an additional $99/month.

  • 🗻 While Lab is often a 2-3 year journey as firm leaders work to improve their business, we ask you to commit to your participation 6 months at a time.

Give it a try with our 🌮 guarantee

To see if Lab is a good fit for you, join the community! Accepted members enjoy our 30-day-Love-It-Or-Leave-It-Taco-Guarantee. Quit for any reason in the first 30 days, and we'll refund your money and send you $10 for a 🌮 on us—you're guaranteed to benefit!


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Lawyerist Lab

Your community of small law firm owners building healthy businesses. 


Since joining, I've grown from me and a paralegal to 3 lawyers and 2 staff members.  We’ve narrowed our practice areas, introduced a lot of automation, created workflows, introduced an ops manual, doubled our caseload, and are focusing on our brand. That’s just the first 6 months!

I’m learning to scale the business and create measurable benchmarks that help us serve clients, coach my team, and perform better as a firm. 

Looking back, it’s pretty amazing how much has changed in that time period. I still have a long road ahead, but I’m getting tools to help me accomplish my vision.

Deena Buchanan Buchanan Law Firm, LLC

Deena Buchanan Headshot

One of the biggest benefits has been the coaching. Being able to talk about my particular problems and get a customized plan rather than a one size fits all, and to get encouragement and accountability—really wonderful. I often know what I need to do, but have trouble implementing, so the help was great. 

And the community—I didn’t even come into Lab expecting such a supportive community. There are some inspirational people In Lab, lawyers are doing some really amazing stuff.

I chatted with some other lawyers outside of Lab about my business idea and the questions I got from them were so different from what I got in Lab. They asked—are you sure you want to do this? Isn’t it a risk? Aren’t you worried about liability?  There was a lot of poo-pooing this idea that had become my baby. 

And the Lab community and coaches couldn’t be more opposite. Everyone said—of course, you can do that. What you’re doing is amazing. And I heard, “Maybe I should do something like what you’re doing.” 

Lab has been a great place to pull it all together. When I talk to people in Lab, they say—all right, how do we best achieve this goal? Not can you achieve it. No one downs my idea for being unrealistic or too lofty or risky. It’s amazingly supportive. 

Aaron Thomas Aaron Thomas Law & Georgia Prenups

Aaron Thomas Headshot

Before I joined Lab, I dreaded the hiring process. It's so hard to find the right person for the team. 

In Lab, we used the materials to clarify our vision and our team's core values. With that in hand and Maryellen's artful coaching, we successfully hired our first non-partner attorney! A HUGE win! I'm confident that the quality and alignment of the applicants we saw this time was directly related to Maryellen's coaching on writing a job description that incorporated our firm's values. Such a difference!

I love every session I do with Lawyerist! 

Brigit Kavanagh Kavanagh Rhomberg, LLP

Brigit Kavanaugh Headshot

The monthly accountability coaching is super helpful. Knowing that your coach is up to date on my journey and giving me assignments helps me stay on track and actually get excited about being accountable. 

I now have my strategic projects for the next 1, 2, and 3 years and am excited and confident about the business I am building. 

Spencer Schmidt Coleman Fraser Whittome Lehan Schmidt

Spencer Schmidt Headshot